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Very friendly and efficient
Fred Franken, on Google
I have had hearing aides for over ten years. The evaluation/assessment was extremely thorough. My settings were adjusted allowing better voice recognition. All questions were answered and most importantly I received new information about functionality of my devices that has helped watching television. I was very satisfied with my visit. Having a competent, friendly, and dedicated person in Naples is quite a wonderful find.
Dr. Deborah Zastocki, on Google
Vanessa Mellini gave me a professional and informative exam. I am glad I went. Learn about your hearing options and condition. Don't wait too long, be in the know! Highly recommended.
Les Sutter, on Google
I had just gotten my new Starkey Pride hearing aids before arriving in Naples Florida for vacation so there wasn't a lot of time to get them adjusted properly. I was happy to see that there was an Auditory Associates office within a mile of where we were staying, so I stopped in to see if I could get my new hearing aids adjusted. Megan started from scratch and took the time that was necessary to get my hearing aids adjusted perfectly for my hearing loss and add a few programs that would help me in difficult hearing situations like noisy restaurants and concert halls etc. I can't thank Megan enough for taking the time to help me even though she hadn't sold me the hearing aids.
George Schmidt, on Google
My experience to date has been very good. Megan,has given me the guidance that I need to effectively use my Starkey hearing aids. More info on hearing loss and how to minimize hearing problems would be helpfull. Peter McDonnell. The odd newsletter with any new, relevant info re hearing would be interesting and useful. I assume something of note must have happened in the hearing industry during the past year. Peter McDonnell
Peter McDonnell, on Google

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